Europe Direct Karlovac (ED), the information office of the European Union, marked Europe Day and European Week last week. Europe Day is celebrated on May 9, in memory of the historic "Schuman Declaration" of 1950, and the week before is traditionally celebrated as EU Week.
EU Week opened at the Branko Čavlović Čavlek Stadium, where the players of NK Karlovac 1919 and NK Ilovac played a show match in blue and yellow jerseys. The representative of ED Karlovac handed them blue and yellow balls for the occasion so that everything would be in the spirit of Europe.
For the weekend (May 8 and 9) with a series of events at several locations, on May 8 and 9, ED Karlovac is once again to show its commitment to European ideas and policies. The central event took place on Saturday, May 8, at the Music Pavilion. Citizens could see an exhibition on the origins of the European Union, and video materials about its history and projects that were realized in Karlovac County with the help of European money were shown on the video wall. Family farms from the Karlovac County also took part in the celebration of Europe Day, and visitors were able to taste and get some products that many may not have even known were produced in the Karlovac area. This is, for example, the honey-berry spread of the Mance family farm, a honey-based product with the addition of chokeberry and elderberry, or the lavender soap of the Poturica family farm. There will also be flowers grown in the Dolinar Garden Center, which is another local product that is finding its way to the market.
In this way, Europe Direct Karlovac promotes the European Green Plan, one of the main priorities of the European Commission, which aims to achieve a sustainable economy by turning climate and environmental challenges into opportunities. One of the strategies of this Green Plan is the "Field to Table" strategy, a measure that promotes a healthier and more sustainable food system, in which local family farms with their local, healthy products fit perfectly.
Ognian Zlatev, Head of the European Commission Representation in Croatia, Tomislav Sokol, Member of the EU Parliament, Deputy Director of the Karlovac County Regional Development Agency, Mayor Damir Mandić and Deputy Prefect Martina Furdek Hajdin congratulated the visitors at the Europe Day Music Pavilion.
The coast of the Korana near Aquatica was also marked by the European Union. This promenade was recently arranged as part of the EU project "Encounter with the River", and multimedia info-points were set up. On Saturday and Sunday, May 8 and 9, videos about the creation of the European Union were played on them. A congratulatory message on Europe Day was also played all weekend at the Trend TV building on Tržnica.
The last in a series of events was the screening of the Danish film Another Round, which visitors could watch on Sunday 9.5. at 7 p.m. This film is also this year's winner of the Oscar in the category of best foreign film and is currently a finalist for the LUX Audience Award, which is awarded by the European Parliament in cooperation with the European Film Academy. The screening of the film was organized by Kinoklub Karlovac and ED Karlovac supported the idea and joined with appropriate gifts and promotional materials.

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