European Green Plan: Commission presents measures to boost organic production

The Commission today presented an Action Plan for the Development of Organic Production. Its general objective is to encourage the production and consumption of organic products in order to achieve the target of 25% of agricultural land intended for organic farming by 2030 and to significantly increase organic production in aquaculture.

Organic production has a number of important advantages: areas under organic crops are characterized by 30% more biodiversity, organically raised animals enjoy a higher level of well-being and receive fewer antibiotics, organic farmers have higher incomes and are more resilient, and consumers know exactly what they buy Union. The action plan is in line with the European Green Plan, the field-to-table strategy and the biodiversity strategy.

The action plan is designed to provide the fast-growing environmental sector with the appropriate tools to achieve the 25% target. It proposes 23 measures focused on three aspects: stimulating consumption, increasing production and further improving the sustainability of the sector, all to ensure balanced growth of the sector.

The Commission encourages Member States to develop national environmental action plans to increase their national share in organic farming. There are significant differences between Member States in terms of the share of agricultural land currently devoted to organic farming, ranging from 0.5% to more than 25%. The National Environmental Action Plans will complement the National Strategic Plans under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) by identifying measures that go beyond the agricultural sector and what is offered under the CAP.

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