About us


Welcome to the website of the Europe Direct Information Centre Karlovac (EDIC Karlovac)!

This EDIC is just one of many in the European Union. EDIC Karlovac opened its doors for you on the 29th of October 2013th, as 500th in Europe and the first one in Croatia.

On this page you will find useful information related to current events, politics of the European Union, and all other information related to Croatia, Karlovac County and our citizens in the context of Croatian membership in the EU.
After the 1st of July 2013, when Croatia became a full member, the cooperation with the European Union has become a part of our everyday life and our aim is to facilitate this cooperation to all our visitors, so that our membership in the EU becomes a positive experience for all of us!

edic karlovac

Who are we?
  1. Europe Direct - for better information provided to all citizens of our county about the European Union. Our intention is that everyone; children, schools, entrepreneures, students, seniors and every other institution in our county, has the opportunity to visit our info center and get information and support in finding the desired information.
  2. The center will also organize workshops, seminars and other various events.
  3. Europe Direct - to better inform all citizens of our county ...
What we do for you?
  1. Answer to your questions
  2. Inform you of your rights and opportunities within the EU
  3. Help you in communicating with the EU
  4. Provide information materials about the EU: brochures, leaflets, posters and the possibility of online search facilities associated with the EU
  5. Organize important dates and events for the EU at the local level
  6. Organize lectures, workshops and debate
  7. As part of our "Children's Corner EU" organize workshops for children, meet them with basic information about the EU and the Member States in a fun way, offer customized literature.
What is our mission?
  1. Bring EU closer to citizens
  2. Facilitate the availability and dissemination of EU information
  3. Facilitate communication between citizens and the authorities and the EU institutions
  4. Transparency of work and activities of the EU