What follows after we have elected representatives in the European Parliament?

After 28 May when representatives are elected in the European Parliament by the heads of the Member States is launched the procedure for nominating EU heads of state institution. Then, in June, follows the establishment of a political group in EP.

On 1 July, the mandate of present Parliament expires and new one is appearance. The election of a new President of the European Parliament is the first thing that newly elected representatives need to make at a plenary session in early July. Candidates for this function are proposed by representatives’ clubs or groups of 38 representatives (five percent of the total number of representatives). To win, a candidate must win a majority of votes, and may be choose up to four rounds of voting. President mandate takes two and a half years, and on function can be elected several times.

In September/October, new trustees starts with work (after the proposals, hearings and confirmations). After that, in November, the new European Commission President will start to work. The President oversees the work, keeps in mind that the rules set out in the Rules of Procedure are respected and represents the Parliament in front of other institutions. Some of their assignments can be delegated to 14 vice-presidents, who will also be elected at the first plenary session in July.

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