Trans-fats in food to be strictly limited in the EU from April 2021

An EU-wide regulation will set a limit of 2 grams of processed trans fats per 100 grams of fat in food, according to the European Commission. The establishment of the new law aims to protect the health of consumers through healthier dietary choices. According to the Commission, some scientific studies, including one from the European Food Safety Authority, underlined the danger of the dietary intake of so-called trans fats.

Fatness and obesity in Europe have taken epidemic proportions. Eurostat has published that Croatia is eight in fatness in the EU by the number of people with a population density of 18.7 percent. It is estimated that 660,000 people die from heart disease and vascular system annually in the EU, and industrial trans-fats are identified as the single most harmful component.

“Data from controlled intervention studies show that consumption of diets containing trans fatty acids (TFA) has adverse effects on blood lipids that predict an increase in coronary heart disease (CHD) risk compared with the consumption of diets containing cis-monounsaturated fatty acids or cis-polyunsaturated fatty acids and that the effect is dose-dependent. The currently set ceiling corresponds to 2 grams of processed trans fats per 100 grams of fat in food intended for the final consumer and retail. Businesses will be provided to inform other caters on food products that exceed the 2-gram limit. The Regulation will be active and shall apply to all of the bloc’s member states from 2 April 2021.

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