Three new initiatives are registered

A few days ago, the European Commission decided to register three new European civic initiatives: "With carbon pricing against climate change", "Let's Support Scientific Progress: Crops Are Important!" And "Europe Without Plastic!". The objective of the " With carbon pricing against climate change " initiative is to introduce the lowest price for CO2 emissions, to abolish the existing system of free emission allowances for EU pollutants and to introduce a mechanism for border adjustment, with additional revenues generated by determining the carbon price to be used to finance "European measures policies to stimulate energy saving and use of renewable energy sources and to reduce lower income taxation.“

As for the initiative "Supporting scientific progress: crops are important!", the initiative organizers stated that Directive 2001/18 / EC on "genetically modified organisms" was "outdated" and is requested revision of the new plant-growing technology rules in order to facilitate "approval procedure for products obtained by new plant breeding techniques". Based on the EU Treaty, the European Commission can take legal action in the field of the internal market and the approval of products. The Commission therefore considers the initiative legally permissible and decided to register it. The initiative will be registered on July 25, 2019, which will initiate a one-year process during which the organizers will collect subsidy signatures.

Organizers of initiative "Europe without plastics" call European Commission to revise the Directive on the impact of certain plastic products on the environment to ban all disposable plastic products in Europe. The aim of the initiative is to ban "all types of plastic packaging and plastic bottles by 2027. so that could be introduce concrete measures that will allow us to respect the limitations of our resources.

The initiative "The Right of EU, rights of minorities and the democratization of Spanish Institutions" has been declared inadmissible and has not been registered.

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