The European Commission’s call for the development of medical recordings for diagnosing cancer

The European Commission today announced a call for proposals under which EUR 35 million is available for the development of medical recordings for the diagnosis of cancer by artificial intelligence and other tools and analytical solutions aimed at preventing, predicting and treating the most common forms of cancer. The call is part of the Obzor 2020 program, through which the Commission invests a total of EUR 177 million in "digital healthcare and care transformation" and "reliable digital solutions and health and safety issues in the field of health and care."

This call, with collaboration at all levels, and the exchange and interpretation of technological innovations in the area of ​​prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients across the EU will provide patients better help. Likewise, the call will shape the future of the health sector in the European Union. Together with member states, a framework will be set up to balance personal goals and limitations of the health system and allow full potential of innovation in healthcare for the benefit of all Europeans.

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