Signed declaration on quantum communication infrastructure in Europe

In June 2019, the European Commission in Bucharest, with the participation of the Member States of Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands and Spain, signed a declaration on quantum communication infrastructure in Europe with the aim of jointly exploring and improving quantum communication over the next 10 years. States Parties undertake to work with the European Commission on a plan to explore the benefits and feasibility of QCI in Europe.

The purpose of this declaration is to develop a quantum Internet that connects computers, simulators and sensors through quantum communication networks. Such networks function in such a way that, in addition to the flow of particles, ie the energy of tiny photons, the coupled quantum state is transmitted, which results in significantly higher data rates and more storage space.


This signed plan consists of two components:

  • Ground Component – use existing network communication fibers linking strategic pages at national and cross-border level
  • space component - covers long distances across the European Union and other continents.

The basic purpose of quantum communication infrastructure is to combat the threats to internet security and protect data security, which is one of the biggest problems today. Quantum Internet and computing could solve problems that are even unsolvable to the most advanced computers today.

There are four basic tasks of a QCI plan:

  • integrate quantum cryptography into critical communication systems based on fiber optic networks
  • Combine terrestrial and satellite components for wide coverage
  • introduce other services and applications (such as protecting data networks for healthcare or e-voting)
  • become the cornerstone of quantum internet infrastructure

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