The European Union is making EUR 4.175 million available for Actions aiming at supporting media freedom and investigative journalism.

Action 1 - Pilot Project: A Europe-wide response mechanism for violation of press and media freedom

The Europe-wide rapid response mechanism for violations of press and media freedom will be geared at mitigating the consequences of the recently observed deterioration of press and media freedom in certain EU Member States and Candidate Countries. It will provide tangible protection for journalists and will encompass fact-finding, advocacy, monitoring, informing the European public and awareness raising. This action will bring violations to the forefront, and will provide practical help to journalists under threat. It will be carried out in collaboration with European, regional and local stakeholders in the field of media freedom.

Total budget for Action 1:    1.500.000 €

Action 2 - Preparatory Action: cross-border investigative journalism fund

The action will fund grants supporting journalistic investigations involving journalists from at least two countries covered by the action, thereby highlighting issues of common interest to citizen of several Member States and strengthening the European media sphere. This preparatory action will build on the ‘European research grants for journalistic investigations, #IJ4EU’ project.

Total budget for Action 2:    1.400.000 €

Action 3 - Pilot Project: Supporting investigative journalism and media freedom in the EU

The projects to be selected under Action 3 are expected to set up a range of supporting activities.  They will be geared at providing support to independent, collaborative journalism in the EU Member States and at promoting media freedom across the EU. The action will also help raising awareness of the importance of media freedom, quality and ethical journalism for democracy.

The call for proposals aims at selecting three to five beneficiaries/consortia to carry out Action 3.

Total budget for Action 3:    1.275.000 €


Total budget available for the three actions:   4.175.000 €

Maximum co-financing rate: 90% of eligible costs.

Duration of the action: one year.

Questions for this call should be sent at the latest on 18 September 2019 to

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