Passenger rights in EU

It's vacation time. You probably traveling somewhere. On this point, the European Union has defined rules to ensure harmonized protection for passengers, whether transported by air, train, bus or ship. If contracted carriers refuse transportation, they must provide passengers: a meal, accommodation, refund or compensation, and for passengers with disabilities entitled to special care. Also, carriers can no longer charge for expensive tickets based on nationality or location of ticket sales.

In air travel, to protect passengers in the event of delayed and canceled flights or lost luggage, agents introduced a few years ago rules for airlines to provide passengers with assistance, food and telephone access, accommodation and compensation. The highest compensation for delayed flights longer than 3,500 km is 600 euros. "Extraordinary circumstances" in which the right to compensation is restricted is limited to circumstances beyond the control of the airlines, such as bad weather or political instability.

In the case of rail transport, you are entitled to compensation in the event of a delay of at least one hour. If your train is stuck on the rails, the railway undertaking is obliged to arrange for other transport from the train to the train station, alternate departure point or, if physically feasible, to the final destination. In addition, you can also enter in trains with your bike, provided your bike is easy to handle and does not interfere rail service.

For bus transportation, the ticket price may not be higher because of your nationality or place of purchase, but for travel less than 250 km, you do not have the automatic right to reimbursement of the ticket price. If you are injured in a bus accident while traveling over a long distance (more than 250 km), you are entitled to compensation. The exact amount of the fee depends on the country regulations, but the maximum amount should not be less than 220,000 EUR per passenger.

In the case of shipping, if the departure is canceled, the carrier is obliged to pay 80 EUR per night per person.


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