Open Door Day at the Public Institution Regional Development Agency of Karlovac County

The Public Institution Regional Development Agency of Karlovac County and EDIC Karlovac organized on Friday, May 17th, a day of open doors for all visitors who wanted to inform they-self about the work and projects carried out by the Agency. The Open Doors Day started at 10.00 am when the first visitors came - students from the University of Karlovac. In the presentation presented by the deputy director and the head of the project department, they get basic information about projects and funds from which it is possible to finance the projects. Currently implemented projects were presented, and other staff members of the Agency were also actively involved in the presentation of project. The next presentation started at 12.15 when the students of the Technical School in Karlovac visited us. Apart from the presentation of the projects, special attention was given to the promotion campaign #thistimeivote promoted by EDIC Karlovac. As parliamentary elections are closer, this campaign is encouraged to go to the elections and is particularly oriented to the first time voters, so the visit of the elementary school students of Technical School was an ideal opportunity to promote this campaign. During the day other interested citizens also visited us. They wanted to inform about our work. The Open Doors Day ended at 15.00.

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