On Friday in Aquatica was held language workshop ans visit to Aquatica for children of migrant family

The children of Karlovac elementary schools, who arrived from Turkish refugee camps several months ago in the resettlement program, learn Croatian every week with the help of volunteers from Karlovac High School and solve other school obligations. On Friday, February 28, in cooperation with the Karlovac High School, EDIC Karlovac organized a social gathering for the students of the Karlovac High School and children from Syria in the form of workshops and aquarium visits at the rooms of Aquatica - Freshwater Aquarium.

The workshops were hosted by the Minimondo Foreign Language School, which tried to represent the children of Syrian families in Arabic, Turkish and Croatian about the Karlovac city and the fish world. After completing a language workshop on the topic "Karlovac is our city", with a joint visit to Aquatica - freshwater aquarium Karlovac, they mastered vocabulary related to rivers, the fish world and river ecosystems. After the sightseeing of the aquarium, they participated in the workshop "City of Karlovac".

With this fellowship, EDIC Karlovac wanted to show that solidarity and equality are one of the fundamental values ​​on which the European Union is built. These values ​​are essential ingredients for an inclusive society, and with this example EDIC Karlovac wanted to prove it.

By organizing this event, the children of migrant families also wanted to support life in a new environment and foster community between the children of migrants and our students.

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