Living with the park – let’s bring people back to nature

The European Green Deal is the focus of the EU's priorities for the coming period. A few days ago, two new strategies were adopted in the EU:
1. a comprehensive biodiversity strategy aimed at bringing nature back into our lives, and
2. A field-to-table strategy for a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system.

As The goal of a biodiversity strategy is to bring nature back into our lives, EDIC Karlovac in cooperation with JU Natura Viva, the city of Karlovac, Karlovac County and Zelenilo

participated in the event Living with the Park. With a small token of attention, by planting trees, we have made our contribution to the implementation of this strategy and we want to continue working in that direction. Today, in this age of the corona virus more than ever we are witnessing that nature has become the natural environment of most, why not make it more beautiful.
The EU has proposed concrete steps to start Europe's biodiversity recovery by 2030, including the conversion of at least 30% of Europe's land and sea into protected areas.

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