Building the digital future of Europe: The Commission presented a strategy for information and artistic intelligence

The Commission presented ideas and measures for digital transformation that benefit all citizens and reflect the most positive elements of Europe, a transformation that is open, just, diverse, democratic and self-reliant. It represents a European society that, although driven by digital solutions, puts people first, creates new business opportunities and encourages the development of reliable technologies that serve an open and democratic society and a dynamic and sustainable economy. Digitization is a key element in the fight against climate change and the transition to a green economy.


On Wednesday, the European Data Strategy and the opportunities to secure the development of anthropocentric artificial intelligence were presented, as well as the first steps towards achieving these goals. President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen said: Today we present the ambition to shape the digital future of Europe. It covers everything from cybersecurity to critical infrastructure, from digital education to skills acquisition, from democracy to the media. We want digital Europe to reflect the best elements of Europe, openness, fairness, diversity and reliability.

Executive Vice President of the Digital Age Commission Margrethe Vestager said: We want every citizen, employee and business to have an equal and fair opportunity to reap the benefits of digitalization. This includes safer driving or less pollution thanks to advanced cars or life-saving medical imaging that is analyzed by artificial intelligence, which allows doctors to detect the disease sooner than ever before.

Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said: Our society creates an extremely large amount of industrial and public data that will change the way we produce, consume and live. I want European businesses and our many SMEs to have access to this data and create value for Europeans, among other developments in how artificial intelligence is used. Europe has everything it takes to lead the "big data" race and preserve technological sovereignty, industry leadership and economic competitiveness for the benefit of European consumers.

More information is available in the press release and Q&A. Information articles are available here.

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