Happy Europe day- day which celebrate unity and solidarity

Europe Day is a special day for every European. Exactly 70 years ago today, Robert Schuman, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, presented his proposal for the establishment of the European Coal and Steel Community, which would unite this production and manage it. In a speech in Paris, he outlined his idea of ​​a new form of political co-operation in Europe that would make war between European states unthinkable. This proposal, better known as the "Schuman Declaration", is considered the beginning of the formation of what is known today as the European Union. Europe Day, which is celebrated on 9 May each year, celebrates peace and unity in Europe.

This year, solidarity and the spread of solidarity is the central theme of Europe Day in all countries. Thus, EDIC Karlovac, in cooperation with local musicians, local heroes and famous national athletes, recorded videos in which solidarity is shared, and thus we joined the project of spreading Solidarity #Only solidarity is shared further. Our musician Bob Milan, our doctor hero Maja Grba Bujević, our professor Jelena Despot with a current residence in Brussels, the Karlovac County Youth Council, the Karlovac dance team and national athletes such as Velimir Zajec, Domagoj Duvnjak and Josip Glasnović also participate in the videos. who recorded a promo video for EDIC Karlovac. The situation that befell us with the COVID-19 virus pandemic made us all think, but also connected us all as people and citizens of the EU in some way. What is true is that Europe has now become a truly global heart of solidarity. The real Europe has started, we have a Europe that is ready to help when it is most needed. It is a Europe where medical technicians from Poland and doctors from Romania, go to Italy, and in the biggest hotspots of the coronavirus, like Milan and Bergamo, save lives and all together fight this pandemic. These are the Czechs, who send 10,000 masks to Spain and other countries. All kinds of equipment travel in all directions across Europe, from those who have a surplus to those who need it. On the balconies all over Europe, there is applause and singing to nurses, doctors, drivers, .. to all those who in these times work hard and overtime in difficult conditions and sacrifice themselves for the sake of all of us. Togetherness and solidarity are felt at every step, and with each of these acts of solidarity, Europe is rising a little from the crisis, and with this kind of support, we will soon be fully on our feet, together. In this extraordinary situation, Croatia, as the current EU presidency, has proven to be a capable and active member.

EDIC Karlovac organizes Europe Day every year and marks this historic moment for all of us as citizens of the European Union. This year, due to the specific situation caused by the COVID-19 virus and due to limited public gatherings, we are not able to mark the day as usual, so we adapted to the situation and organized a show on Europe Day in which Trend TV viewers will be able to watch Rusfaj. , to join us in the television theater and to watch the play Rusfaj together. In spreading solidarity as the main theme of this year's celebration of Europe Day, the City Theater Zorin dom Karlovac joined under the direction of Irena Božičević, author of this play Peđa Gvozdić, whom I thank from the bottom of my heart in front of the EDIC Center so we thank TREND TV for allowing us to show it.

Finally, I wish all the citizens of Karlovac and Karlovac County a happy Europe Day, that you nurture the European lifestyle at all times, promote unity and solidarity that has now, more than ever, proved necessary for the success of the European story. we enjoy this top show together! HAPPY EUROPE DAY

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