Exporters and OPGs from the Karlovac County area – free counters for display

The European Union and the South American block known as Mercosur have reached after 20 years of negotiations, a historic agreement that should open space to establish one of the world's largest free trade areas. This is the largest trade agreement in EU history, opening up a market of 780 million inhabitants, which represents a great economic potential for all entrepreneurs and individuals in the EU, including those from the Republic of Croatia (RH) and Karlovac County. In order to inform companies, local self-government units, national, regional authorities and all other interested public about the importance of this agreement, the EDIC Karlovac project, whose holder is Karlovac County Regional Development Agency, in cooperation with the European Commission, organizes the event:

“MerKAsur” - October 4, 2019 from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. in the center of Karlovac at Matija Gupac Square (a tent set up for the occasion).
As this agreement offers many benefits to businesses, we hereby inform you that there are several free empty counters left and we invite you to participate in the event as exhibitors (with products, promo materials, communication materials) to European Commission representatives, local and The regional authorities were briefed on their activities and potential for export, and were also briefed on the benefits of this agreement by leading experts who would discuss it at a roundtable. All information can be obtained by e-mail: ivana.sulentic@ra-kazup.hr or telephone number 047 / 612-800.

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