European Commission recommends to European Council support for agreement reached on revised Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland and revised political declaration

The European Commission today recommended to the European Council (Article 50) to support an agreement reached at the negotiators level on the Withdrawal Agreement, including the revised Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland, and to support a revised political statement on the framework for the future relations of the EU and the United Kingdom . The Commission also recommends that the European Parliament give its assent to the agreement. This builds on intense negotiations between the European Commission and the United Kingdom negotiators over the past few days.

The revised Protocol provides for a legally viable solution that avoids a hard border in Ireland, protects the integrity of the island economy and the Good Friday Agreement in all its dimensions and protects the integrity of the single market. This solution is appropriate to the unique circumstances in Ireland to protect peace and stability. All other elements of the Withdrawal Agreement remain essentially unchanged, in accordance with the agreement reached on 14 November 2018. The Withdrawal Agreement creates legal certainty in areas where the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU has created uncertainty: citizens' rights, financial settlement , the transition period until at least the end of 2020, governance, Gibraltar and Cyprus protocols and a number of other withdrawal issues.

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