EU Christmas magic

As part of the Advent in Karlovac, now held traditionally every year, EDIC Karlovac and the Public Institution Regional Development Agency of Karlovac County, as the holderof the EDIC Karlovac project, are organizing the EU Christmas Magic event. Given that the purpose of this project is to inform EU issues and to bring the European way of life closer to the citizens of Croatia, this event is intended to bring the young people of the European Union's Christmas customs closer to the young people, with the final message "United in Diversity", countries are different, Christmas is a holiday that all children are equally looking forward to.

The event will take place in front of the Zorin Dom Theater. Under the tents in front of Zorin dom, posters featuring EU countries will be displayed. Kindergartens and elementary schools will participate in the design of the poster and the best poster will be awarded. Inside the first tent, country-specific Christmas carols will also be released. In the second tent there will be an EU Learning and play corner with workshops for children, Christmas decorations, Christmas cakes, letters to the EU Santa will be written and the best letter will also be awarded, EU countries memory will be played You read stories. In the third tent, a professional photographer will take pictures of children with props (deer antlers, rudolf's nose, ...) and the pictures will be available for free at the photo shop. Inside the same tent, balloons with Christmas and EU elements will be made.

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