Elections for the European Parliament will take place in Croatia on 26 May

European elections concern us all. Elections for the European Parliament in the member states started on May 23 (United Kingdom and Netherlands) and will last until May 26th. 350 million EU citizens will be vote on elections, and will have the opportunity to choose 705 representatives in the European Parliament (EP).

The elections in Croatia will be held on 26 May 2019. By leaving the elections, you will directly influence on your life. Here, you will decide on how Europe will approach issues of jobs, business, security, migration and climate change in the coming years.

We need to make these decisions together because Europe belongs to all of us. Not only your voice, but the voices of your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues are also important. When everyone votes, everyone wins.

Below we provide important information about the elections in Croatia:

  1. When to vote? - May 26 from 7am to 7pm
  2. Where to vote? - Voters vote at polling stations according to the address of the residence. The list is available at the following link: https://biraci.gov.hr/RegistarBiraca/
  3. How many representatives are elected? - 12 representatives, 11 of them will occupy their seats after the elections, and the remaining one after the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU
  4. Registration in the voter list? - You can check the register of voters on a separate page of the Ministry of Public Administration: https://biraci.gov.hr/RegistarBiraca/.


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