EDIC Karlovac participated in the celebration of 30 years of Interreg and the day of territorial cooperation

On October 6, 2020, starting at 11:00 AM, EDIC Karlovac joined the celebration of 30 years of Interreg, which was marked by the planting of trees in front of the kindergarten "Grabrik". The celebration was attended by the Minister of Regional Development and European Union Funds, Ms. Nataša Tramišak, Head of the Representation of the European Commission in Croatia Ognian Zlatev, representatives of Karlovac County and the City of Karlovac and the Director of the Regional Energy Agency of Northwest Croatia dr.sc. Julije Domac, also a special advisor to the President of the Republic of Croatia for energy and climate and the president of the European Association of Regions and Cities FEDARENA.
The guests present gave an event with a speech, and by planting trees sent a strong message about the importance of European programs, but also the European community through territorial cooperation.
30 trees for 30 years of Interreg!
European Cooperation Day is celebrated every year in September in more than 30 European countries. It is especially important to point out that this year's European Day of Cooperation marks 30 years of the Interreg program, ie 30 years of cross-border cooperation. The reason for marking this day lies in the fact that Europe is made up of a number of different cultures and economies based on mutual understanding and support in order to achieve maximum potential for growth and development. In order to encourage cooperation, the European Union uses various methods, one of which is the implementation of the Interreg program. The financial potential of the Interreg program is over 10 billion euros, and the purpose of the Interreg program is to encourage regions to cooperate with each other and address common challenges, such as climate change, social inclusion, migrant issues and other important areas.
European Cooperation Day promotes visibility and awareness of Interreg programs, emphasizing how cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation reduces barriers and differences. An important component of all projects funded by the European Union under the Interreg program is that they aim to improve the quality of life of all residents of the Union and beyond. This year, instead of organizing a cross-border event through the Interreg IPA cross-border cooperation program Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina-Montenegro 2014-2020, a decision was made that the best way to mark 30 years of Interreg is to organize three local events in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.
In each of these countries, 10 trees will be planted during September and October 2020. A total of 30 trees will represent 30 years of successful Interreg cooperation.

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