EDIC Karlovac, in cooperation with Lag Vallis Colapis held a lecture about volunteering

On Friday, June 7, EDIC Karlovac in cooperation with Lag Vallis Colapis hosted a lecture at the Karlovac Economic and Tourist School for second grade students. The topic of the lecture was a volunteer service, and our guests were Lag Vallis Colapis from Ozalj, who carried out the Erasmus + project "Act, Learn, Improve, Volunteer, Empower - ALIVE". Through the project, Lag Vallis Colapis hosted two Armenian volunteers for long-term volunteering. The volunteers in Ozalj are staying since 2.10.2018. - 10.6.2019. and volunteer on the activities of the organization and the local community, carrying out various activities (courses, workshops, etc.). The Lag Vallis Colapis association is aimed at promoting volunteering and strengthening civil society primarily in its geographical area. Their aim is to engage as many volunteers in the rural community as possible to improve the quality of life of individuals and the community as a whole, and to increase the existing volunteer base and link them together. Through the volunteer center they want to promote, educate and inform about the opportunities that volunteering offers to individuals and communities.

Volunteers from Armenia told their students their experiences, provided basic information on volunteering and volunteer service, and pointed to the benefits of volunteering. Through the conversation, students got information on what the European Volunteer Service is, how to get involved, where they get the information they need and the like. At the end of the lecture, volunteers from Armenia encouraged students to interact with groups. Each group has designed projects where they would like to volunteer and present them.

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