EDIC Karlovac continues with EUandME campaign

This month, the Europe Direct Karlovac Information Center continues with EUandME campaign and lectures to students. The first is the Forestry and Carpentry School in Karlovac. The EUandME campaign is aimed at young people between the ages of 17 and 35, to inform them about the EU's values and benefits and the rights they enjoy as citizens, and to familiarize them with how the EU can help them fulfill their passions and ambitions.
Students will have the opportunity to watch films by directors promoting the value and benefits of the EU as well as the rights they enjoy as citizens through the EU & ME campaign. These films aim to foster dialogue with young Europeans about the impact the EU is having on their daily lives.

More about the EUandME campaign: https://europa.eu/euandme/frontpage_en

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