Digital literacy of today

Technology is an integral part of our lives. Each of our interactions with the computer or some other device causes a code. Programming is a set of instructions on how to perform a specific action and is performed in one of the programming languages. Whether we use a smart phone for calling our parents, making a mobile app, updating our website or using navigation while driving around, everything around us is something programmed. That is why programming becomes the skill necessary to understand and manage in a hyper-connected world.

One of the main goals of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is to enable every member of the society to have the appropriate digital skills to advance in society and the labor market, including programming. The Coalition brings together member states, companies, social partners, non-profit organizations and educational institutions dealing with the problem of lack of digital skills in Europe and undertake various activities and measures in this area. In Croatia, the active promotion of creating new jobs and increasing the number of employees of digital professionals is a mission of the National Coalition for Digital Skills and Digital Workplaces.

The European Commission also promotes the European Programming Initiative, which brings together a large number of stakeholders from different fields, with the aim of promoting programming and computer thinking at all levels of education, as well as learning programming in non-formal forms. This initiative led by European Schoolnet networks and big global companies Microsoft, SAP, Siemens, Liberty Global and Facebook, trying to promote the program through a variety of online and offline activities and everyday life, with the idea that programming becomes a key competence within the education systems of EU member states.

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