Digital Europe – The EU invests 9.2 billion euros in digital technology

Digital Europe is a new funding program of EUR 9.2 billion, which aims to ensure that all Europeans have the skills and infrastructure needed to respond to key digital challenges in their private and business life. The program is part of the strategy for further development of the technological potential of common digital market, which could according to estimates, contribute to the economy with four million jobs and 415 billion euros in revenue annually, while at the same time strengthening European competitiveness in the international market.

There are five areas in program Digital Europe:

  • 2.7 billion euro for super-computing
  • 2.5 billion euro for artificial intelligence
  • 2 billion euro for computer security
  • 700 million for digital skills
  • 1.3 billion euro for the widespread use of digital technologies in the home market.

Part of the budget, for example, will be allocated to encourage the use of new technologies for small and medium-sized enterprises and public administration, while part will be allocated to strategically important areas such as supercomputers, artificial intelligence and computer security. This program is designed to address this low level of acceptance of new technologies.

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