Coronavirus control measures under cohesion policy

As of July 2020, the investment initiative in response to the coronavirus has been implemented by 26 EU countries and the United Kingdom, taking full advantage of the flexibility envisaged. 18 Member States proposed a total of 88 changes to coronavirus-related programs (as well as changes to 4 European Territorial Cooperation programs) - 25 changes were announced after adoption at national level, and 63 changes were proposed by Commission decisions (33 changes were made and 30 were in proceedings).
The Commission has changed its internal procedures to speed up the processing of all requests. In addition, the Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative enables faster and simpler program modification procedures.

An informative article on coronavirus control measures under cohesion policy

Specific examples: Croatia

The investment initiative in response to the coronavirus raised 400 million euros to combat the current crisis and its consequences. A total of 40m euros has been invested in the introduction of online tools in primary and secondary schools in Croatia to enable Croatian students and teachers to continue their education during restrictions on movement. An additional € 48 million from the European Regional Development Fund is being invested in a world-class research center for pediatrics. Srebrnjak Children's Hospital on the outskirts of Zagreb enables more successful treatment of frequent and chronic diseases of children and adolescents, but also research and development of new drugs, so talented medical researchers and doctors remain in Croatia.

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