Begining of campaign #yourEUright

Yesterday on „Summer in Stross“ launched campaign of European Commission's #yourEUright, which will inform Croatian citizens about the rights they have as consumers in Croatia and in other EU Member States. The #yourEUright campaign in Croatia will run from August 2019 to Spring 2020 and will cover three key topics: travel in a package deal, change of bank and transparency of banking services, and the right to return goods purchased within 14 days. As the target audience of the campaign are citizens between the ages of 18 and 35, social networks will be one of the key communication channels of the campaign with messages marked with #yourEUright.

The campaign has been designed by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers, and in addition to Croatia, it will take place in 10 EU Member States. The campaign is also launched a website where citizens can find out what are their rights and how to use them.

The first right that the campaign will introduce to Croatian citizens relates to travel in a package deal. This right guarantees them that they may require appropriate price reductions for any period in which there was a mismatch between purchased and received. If the organizer does not eliminate irregularities that significantly affect the performance of the trip, citizens have the right to cancel the contract. If services are not provided or poorly implemented, citizens are also entitled to compensation for damage suffered, while in the case of significant irregularities, they may claim compensation for inadequate travel.

The campaign was joined by world traveler and travel blogger Kristijan Ilicic and Igor Vujovic.

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