Apply for an internship in the European Parliament!

The European Parliament is an important place for political debate and decision-making at European Union level. Voters from Member States directly elect members to represent their interests.

In order to broaden the knowledge of the role of the European Parliament and its activities, the European Parliament offers several internship options at the Secretariat-General as a training opportunity. The purpose of the Schuman Scholarships is to contribute to the education and vocational training of EU citizens and to provide insight into the work of the European Parliament. Do you want to gain work experience in an international multilingual environment and see what a typical European Parliament working day looks like? Apply for an internship!

The total duration of the internship is five months and Schuman scholarship applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • 18 years old;
  • university degree;
  • necessary language skills;
  • certificate of impunity;
  • not previously work in an EU institution or body for more than two consecutive months;
  • not participate in study visits of a lower or higher level six months before the start of the internship.

Applicants can apply for up to three scholarships per competition. Of the 21 000 people who submit their internship applications to the European Parliament each year, 900 will be selected.

The internship deadline is November 30th.


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