Annual meeting of EDIC and other EU networks in Croatia held on Plitvice Lakes

EDIC Karlovac participated in the "Annual Meeting of Representatives of Europe Direct Information Centers and Other EU Networks in Croatia". Meeting is held on Plitvice Lakes on October 29-30, organized by the Representation of the European Commission to the Republic of Croatia. The annual meeting began with a welcome address by former Head of the EC Delegation to Croatia Branko Baričević (current EC advisor) and Ambassador Mato Škrabalo. On this occasion, representatives of EDIC Croatia also had the opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas related to day-to-day business and to receive guidelines for priorities in 2020.
Mr. B. Skoko from Millennium Communication delivered a lecture on how to communicate EU themes and values ​​in a strategic way, and how to identify and communicate with citizens. Part of the lectures were workshops in the form of a communication strategy simulation that was done in groups. Participants were grouped and simulated a communication strategy according to the priorities for 2020.
Participants also visited the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

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