Agriculture: Commission approves two new geographical indications for Croatia

The European Commission has approved Croatia's request for the entry of "Dalmatian pancetta" and "Dalmatian pechenitsa" in the Register of Protected Geographical Indications (PDO). "Dalmatian pancetta" is a permanent rectangular dried meat product made of brittle pork. It is produced in Dalmatia and has special organoleptic properties, slightly salty taste, softness, solubility and juiciness when chewed with a slightly pronounced aroma of smoke. These properties are the result of a special method of production and the Dalmatian climate.

The art of preserving meat by salting and drying spread through Dalmatia even when it was under the rule of Ancient Rome. This skill has been passed down through the generations and improved over time, and with favorable climatic conditions and constantly available sea salt, a processing process has developed that has become traditional for the area of ​​Dalmatia. These new names are listed among the 1512 already protected food products listed in the eAmbrosia database. See the quality policy pages for more information.

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