A two-day summit began in Brussels

A two-day summit started yesterday in Brussels and  will get together leaders of the European Union, where they will discuss, among other things, about appointment of new heads of institutions, the Union's strategic agenda for the period 2019-2024, the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for the period 2021. -2027, the release of Great Britain from the Union and other current topics. Before the start of the summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, emphasized that her country supports the "Spitzen" candidate's process in determining the President of the Commission and wants to reach a common solution on this issue. Spitzenkandidat in the political sense means the person who is in the first place of the electoral list and who is the candidate for the highest position that can be obtained in the respective elections.

French President Emmanuel Macron thinks the president should be elected between candidates who will be able to deal with responsibility while taking into account the importance and gender equality. France wants to contribute to achieving a constructive solution and the best team for Europe. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Prime Minister Leo Varadkar believe that today no clear result will be achieved on the heads of European institutions, they believe that today it is difficult to reach a solution on the EU Commission President.

In addition to the current issue - presidential election, will consider issues of probe and Turkish exploration of natural gas deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean, the situation in the east of Ukraine, the events in the Azov Sea and the extension of economic sanctions to Russia.

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