Junker’s last address in his mandate


Today for the last time in his five-year term of office, President Jean-Claude Juncker addressed the European Parliament: "Europe is a dream come true by the greats who have preceded us and will remain alive thanks to future generations. I will always closely follow the development of what always was and will remain my life’s greatest love affair: Europe. I am proud to have been able to contribute even in small part to this great journey, which allowed us to achieve what seemed impossible some 60 years ago. And I know that the generations to come, those that have only ever known a united and peaceful Europe, will succeed in achieving tomorrow what appears impossible for us today.” European Commission President Jean-Claude JunckerWhen the Juncker Commission took office five years ago, Europe had been weakened by the worst economic and social crisis since the Second World War. With waning support from citizens, President Juncker felt it was the ‘last chance’ for the European Union to regain trust. That is why the President was determined to take a different approach, and to build a political Commission that pays close attention to people’s concerns and provides solutions.In the past five years, the European Commission has worked tirelessly to drive the European Union forward and improve citizens’ lives. The Juncker Commission has strived to make Europe more social, more united, more relatable to its citizens, and more influential on the world stage. As a political Commission, it was ‘big on the big things’ and more modest in other areas, where it left responsibility to national and local authorities. Throughout different crises, the Commission stayed true to its values, its principles and its priorities. Today, we pass on a healthier European economy than the one we inherited. Trust in our Union and in the EU institutions is the highest in 10 years. And around the world, the European Union continues to be seen as a beacon of hope, a guardian of peace, and a source of stability.
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