DiscoverEU Initiative

In the first year, around 275,000 young Europeans reported to become part of the DiscoverEU experience, and about 50,000 of them had a travel pass. In the third round of the DiscoverEU initiative  were received almost 95,000 youth admission from all EU member states. The two-week deadline for submission ended…

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Proposal of EU budget

The European Commission today proposed the seventh and final budget under the current EU long-term budget for the period 2014-2020. This is the EU budget for 2020. The proposed budget amounts is 168.3 billion euro and the funds are intended to the development of competitiveness of the European economy, solidarity…

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Volunteer service within EDIC Karlovac

On Friday, June 7, the EDIC center Karlovac in cooperation with Lag Vallis Colapis, will hold a lecture at the Economic and Tourist School Karlovac for second grade students. Through the conversation, young people will get information on what the European Volunteer Service is like to include, where to get…

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