What is OLAF – the European Anti-Fraud Office?

Have you heard for OLAF - European Anti-Fraud Office? OLAF investigates alleged fraud or other serious irregularities that could adversely effect on EU public funds: EU revenue and expenditure or assets of EU institutions and alleged serious breach of duties by members or staff of EU institutions and bodies. Irregularity…

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Support for innovative projects from NER300

The European Commission has decided to reinvest the unused NER300 funds to support low carbon innovation projects under InnovFin Energy Demos (EDP), an EU financial instrument managed by the European Investment Bank. The first three projects are now funded with € 73 million. The reinvestment of unused funds from the…

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Passenger rights in EU

It's vacation time. You probably traveling somewhere. On this point, the European Union has defined rules to ensure harmonized protection for passengers, whether transported by air, train, bus or ship. If contracted carriers refuse transportation, they must provide passengers: a meal, accommodation, refund or compensation, and for passengers with disabilities…

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