European Commission recommends to European Council support for agreement reached on revised Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland and revised political declaration

The European Commission today recommended to the European Council (Article 50) to support an agreement reached at the negotiators level on the Withdrawal Agreement, including the revised Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland, and to support a revised political statement on the framework for the future relations of the EU…

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EDIC Karlovac continues with EUandME campaign

This month, the Europe Direct Karlovac Information Center continues with EUandME campaign and lectures to students. The first is the Forestry and Carpentry School in Karlovac. The EUandME campaign is aimed at young people between the ages of 17 and 35, to inform them about the EU's values and benefits…

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Annual general meeting of EDIC was held in Prague

In organization of European Commission, last week (9-11 October) was held the "Annual meeting of representatives of Europe Direct Information Centers (EDIC) in Prague which was attended by a representative of the Regional Development Agency's Public Institution of Karlovac County and EDIC Karlovac. The meeting could learn more about the…

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