Corona virus in EU and RH

On March 9, 2020, additional measures were adopted in Croatia to reduce the intake and spread of the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in Croatia: Foreigners entering Croatia from countries / areas most affected by the COVID-19 disease epidemic (Category 1 *) are subject to 14-day health surveillance in organized quarantine. Croatian…

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In Primary School Draganići, EDIC Karlovac had a lecture on the topic of social entrepreneurship

Yesterday, at 3rd March, EDIC Center in cooperation with LAG Vallis Colapis (as part of their project „Eco-social: developing entrepreneurship, protecting the environment“), participated in a lecture on social entrepreneurship for students of Draganići elementary school. Social entrepreneurship is part of a broader economic system that includes entities primarily focused…

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On Friday in Aquatica was held language workshop ans visit to Aquatica for children of migrant family

The children of Karlovac elementary schools, who arrived from Turkish refugee camps several months ago in the resettlement program, learn Croatian every week with the help of volunteers from Karlovac High School and solve other school obligations. On Friday, February 28, in cooperation with the Karlovac High School, EDIC Karlovac…

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