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Croatia has been granted over 692 million euros in Croatia to repair the consequences of the devastating earthquake in Zagreb and its surroundings and to solve the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic

The European Parliament on Tuesday approved EU assistance of 823m euros to repair the aftermath of earthquakes in Croatia, floods in Poland and corona crises in several member states. Assistance in the amount of EUR 823 million from the European Union Solidarity Fund (EUSF) will be distributed as follows: • More than € 132.7 million…
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Support for a stronger Youth Guarantee: Council adopts Commission proposal for recommendation on easier transition to the world of work

In Friday, 30 October 2020, the Council adopted the Commission's proposal for a recommendation on an easier transition to the world of work from 1 July, which strengthens the Youth Guarantee. The recommendation increases comprehensive support for youth employment across the EU, which is becoming more inclusive, including when it comes to the challenges posed…
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Europska komisija izdala prvu emisiju socijalnih obveznica EU SURE

Europska komisija izdala je prve socijalne obveznice u vrijednosti od 17 milijardi EUR u okviru instrumenta EU SURE radi zaštite radnih mjesta i zadržavanja zaposlenika. Izdanje se sastoji od dviju obveznica, s tim da jedna, u iznosu od 10 milijardi EUR, ima dospijeće u listopadu 2030., a druga, u iznosu od 7 milijardi EUR, u…
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