Monthly Archives: August 2018

#EUandME: The Commission launches a competition for young film directors

The contest for short films of young directors within the European Commission's #EUandME campaign runs until October 31, 2018. The competition is open to young European filmmakers aged 18 to 35 who can compete in one of five categories: mobility, sustainability, rights, digital and skills and business. For each category the winner will be selected,…
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Commission offers further support to European farmers dealing with droughts

The European Commission is standing by Europe's farmers this summer, as they grapple with the difficulties of extreme droughts. Farmers will be able to receive their direct and rural development payments in advance and will be granted more flexibility to use land that would normally not be used for production, in order to feed their…
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Terrorism in the EU: terror attacks, deaths and arrests

The terrorist threat has changed in nature in recent years. In recent years there has been an increase in terrorist threats and attacks, beginning in 2015 with the killings at the Charlie Hebdo magazine office in Paris.  Terrorist attacks in numbers In 2017, 62 people were killed in 33 religiously inspired terrorist attacks in the…
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