Monthly Archives: February 2018

New electricity rules: compare prices, switch suppliers, produce at home

Consumers will enjoy additional rights for electricity thanks to new EU rules on access to price comparison sites, use of home-produced energy and energy monitors. The new rules will need to be approved by Parliament before they can enter into force. They were approved by Parliament's energy committee on 21 February. The proposals are part…
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Schengen: enlargement of Europe’s border-free area

Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia and Romania are the countries that have pledged to Schengen -  the EU's passport-free travel area, that covers 26 countries. Despite Bulgaria and Romania fulfilling the necessary criteria and repeated calls from the European Parliament to let them join, the Schengen area has not been expanded to these two countries yet as…
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Eurobarometer 88: Croats in the Union

Peace among the member states is the most important achievement of the European Union for the average European, while the Croatians place it in the second place. For Croatians the most important, and for the average European on the second place, is free movement of people, goods and services within the EU. The average European…
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