Monthly Archives: July 2017

Buying on line?

The 2017 edition of the Consumer Conditions Scoreboard shows that more and more EU consumers are shopping online and that their trust in e-commerce has increased, in particular in buying online from other EU countries. he Scoreboard shows that consumer trust in e-commerce has dramatically increased. In ten years the share of Europeans buying online…
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2017 EESC Civil Society Prize

The EGSO has announced a competition for the Civil Society Award for 2017. EGSO will will reward innovative initiatives carried out by civil society organisations and/or individuals and which aim at the labour market integration of newcomers and all the people who are distant from the labour market and require specific support. A total prize…
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World Aquarium Against Waste in the Sea

10 million tonnes of litter are dumped in our seas every year. By 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in their waters. Aquariums, as ambassadors of the sea, are the ideal partners to raise awareness about this growing problem and call on citizens, businesses and administrations alike to take action. The European Commission…
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